Product Features

An effective way to protect your email accounts against spam and viruses, easy to install, insuring perfect data privacy.

Superior Business Spam Filtering

Increased Productivity Through Superior Protection

Our specially trained SpamGoblins look for the offensive and vulgar spam emails to ensure they never get delivered. This results in increased security and less email for your employees have to wade through. The SpamGoblins are always-on, always updated, and always evolving and they work behind the scenes to protect you against spam. Since November 2007, the SpamGoblins have eaten billions and billions of emails.

business email protection

business email protection

Virus Scanning

Zero Added Points Of Failure

Each email runs through a cascade of virus scanners to sure that all aspects are covered and to guarantee no viruses are delivered through SpamGoblin. Our Goblins know that unrelenting accuracy is key. Should any portion of the virus scanning process fail, safeguards are in place to ensure that the remaining stages execute and email traffic continues without interruption. Additionally, if any of our virus scanners encounters an error, there are additional scanners that automatically step in to rescan the email.

Amazing Accuracy

The Data Is In

We are focused on always improving our tried and true record of stopping a whopping 99.8% of spam from reaching our customers. We boast less than .05% false positives. We think that’s pretty amazing, and all the Goblins cheered!

business spam protection

spamgoblin spam protection

Email Redundancy

Always Available

Emails delivered to our servers are cleaned before they are sent to you. Should your email server go down or become unresponsive we will hold emails and keep trying to send them for a full twenty (20) days. Never lose an important email to a fizzled machine again! The Goblins are very protective of their mail, if they are unable to deliver the emails due to your email server being offline, they will ensure they are safe until your server is back online.

Dedicated Support

There For You All The Way

Whether you need some assistance getting started or just have some questions, whatever you need you can always reach us by phone (888-727-5890) or email ( or trouble ticket… and because we are computer people, we are available 24 hours a day! Our SpamGoblins want to help you! Sign up and feed a Goblin today!

small business anti spam software

spamgoblin anti spam software

Fast and Easy Setup

Point And Click

Point your MX records (or your host may do so on your behalf) to SpamGoblin and let us know the IP address of your email server. We can even help with the process, just in case. Sound easy? It is. Don’t speak Goblin? No worries, we can help with that too!

Completely Scalable

We Grow With You

As your business grows you will be adding new email, and as things get busier new mail servers may be needed to handle the increased volume of communication. No matter how fast you grow our virus and spam filters never slows down! If you have ever seen a SpamGoblin they like to eat and they are always looking to eat more. Of course the burps from a SpamGoblin stink but that’s another conversation…

business email virus scanning software